Optimization Direct will present at the FICO Technology Workshop at the INFORMS Annual meeting.

We will present at the FICO Technology Workshop at INFORMS


Presented by: Robert Ashford
Saturday, October 14, 4-6:30 pm, Location: CC-North 121 B

ODH-XPRESS Integration

ODH is a software package from Optimization Direct Inc. that runs concurrently with MIP optimizers like FICO Xpress to accelerate and extend their capabilities for large and difficult optimization models. Using thread synchronization and heuristics like decomposition methods, ODH generates and provides good solutions to the MIP solver, allowing it to converge faster. In tests by Optimization Direct, ODH reduced optimality gaps by 40% on mid-sized models and solved previously unsolved instances from MIPLIB. It is used by customers in scheduling, telecom, retail, logistics, etc. to optimize models that would fail without ODH. By leveraging its synchronization and heuristics, ODH enables MIP solvers to tackle larger and harder real-world optimization problems.