We are a US-UK company of independent experts in optimization.

We have many years in the field and frequently speak at optimization industry events. Our background is in software development, consulting and academia. We’ve run optimization software businesses – creating the first integrated development environment for optimization.

Our knowledge along with experience of working with end users with real-world problems gives us an unparalleled edge when it comes to developing optimization solutions.

We recently developed ODHeuristics; a new algorithm designed to run on modern multiprocessor machines. Many cores (24+ ideal) are exploited by the ODHeuristics engine to solve huge models with massive datasets – ideal for the big data area.

We work with many solvers and business partners and are technology and licensing partners with IBM to market ILOG® CPLEX Optimization Studio. We have integrated the ODH algorithm into CPLEX to create ODH|CPLEX which has proved to have amazing results. On large scale MIPs it provides good solutions and optimality measures that are often beyond the reach of traditional optimization methods.

Our clients are in banking and finance, marketing optimization, data mining, supply chain, retail optimization, procurement and decision analytics.

If you have a complex, optimization problem it’s highly likely that our experts can help you.