Optimization Direct Releases Version of ODHeuristics with Support for the Gurobi Optimizer

HARRINGTON PARK Nj. & BEAVERTON, OreOctober 7 2022. During the last 20 years, Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) problems have become more complex, larger, and equally complex to run. ODHeuristics (ODH) is a new algorithm created by Optimization Direct, designed to run on modern multiprocessor machines. Many cores (24+ ideal) are exploited by the ODH engine by breaking complex models and difficult MIPs into sub-models and solving them in parallel threads.

Optimization Direct has combined its new ODH algorithm with Gurobi Optimizer (www.gurobi.com) to create ODH|Gurobi, specifically designed to find solutions to massive MIP models of the big data era. The ODH engine is run with Gurobi in either deterministic or opportunistic mode. ODH accelerates Gurobi, helps Gurobi heuristics, and finds good solutions to these massive datasets.

ODH is designed for scheduling problems but works for any large MIP that has a reasonable number of integer feasible solutions. It has been deployed effectively on packing problems, supply chains, and telecoms as well as scheduling applications. On large scale MIPs, it provides good solutions and optimality measures that are often beyond the reach of traditional optimization methods. 

The latest release of ODH|Gurobi (version 7.00) has been found to improve model performance by finding good solutions where none would otherwise be found. For other models, it delivers shorter solve times or smaller optimality gaps.  

ODH|Gurobi solve times, compared to Gurobi alone for different models, running on different processors (4 and 24 core) and threads (8 and 12).

Dr. Robert Ashford, President of Optimization Direct, said, “We’ve been impressed with the speed and reliability of the Gurobi Optimizer and are pleased to announce that ODH now supports it. Performance is very competitive and ODH’s new universal API means that you can use ODH|Gurobi in any application that currently uses Gurobi as its solver.”

“We’re so pleased that we can work together with Optimization Direct in this capacity,” added Gurobi Chief Operating Officer, Duke Perrucci. “Their ODHeuristics software dramatically improves solve times for certain large MIPs. And by integrating ODH and Gurobi Optimizer, we can bring this performance enhancement to our customers.”

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About Optimization Direct

Optimization Direct Inc. is a mathematical optimization firm co-founded by Robert Ashford and Alkis Vazacopoulos, who are pioneers in the field.

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