IBM DOC V4.0 now available from Optimization Direct

IBM and DecisionBrain have recently announced a deal where IBM will include in its AI and data product offer – an OEM version of the DecisionBrain optimization platform. It will be known as the IBM Decision Optimization Centre (DOC) version 4.0. Link to announcement.

The DOC is a complete optimization platform to create, deploy and maintain fully scalable decision support solutions, quickly, easily and efficiently. It features an optimization server, a data service and a scenario service all on an easily configurable web front end.

Alkis Vazacopoulos of Optimization Direct said

“The new Decision Optimization Center uses modern and open-source technologies and will make easier to develop, deploy and monitor optimization applications. It represents a powerful addition to the suite of products and services offered by Optimization Direct.””

As experts in the industry and IBM licensed distributors of IBM’s optimization products, Optimization Direct can provide unsurpassed expertise and access to optimization software and have added the DOC V4.0 to their suite of product offering.

Find out more about the DOC v4.0 here.

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