Redistricting with Optimization

Political redistricting through mathematical optimization.

Fair and Economical Redistricting through Mathematical Optimization Now Possible

Political redistricting can now be completed quickly, fairly and economically through mathematical optimization.
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ODH-CPLEX solver in AIMMS Platform

A webinar featuring Optimization Direct Experts. In Partnership with AIMMS. Replay now available.
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Combining machine learning and mathematical optimization integration using Python

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Optimize healthcare delivery and reduce costs with prescriptive analytics

Article by Sajan Kuttappa on the IBM Big Data and Analytics hub
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Optimization GitHub

A GitHub repository of models, samples, data sources and libraries for decision optimization from IBM
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Optimization Direct market IBM Decision Optimization Center

IBM DOC V4.0 now available from Optimization Direct
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IBM blog

Why prescriptive analytics and decision optimization are crucial
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Amazing results from ODH|CPLEX

Results of tests on Miplib Open-v7 Models now out
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Informs 2020 Annual Meeting, Denver CO,
26-28 April, 2020

We are holding technology tutorials and workshops at INFORMS

An overview of CP Optimizer for planning and scheduling

A tutorial by Philippe Laborie of IBM Data and AI
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Optimization Direct: Informs 2019 Annual Meeting, Seattle

Optimization will be hosting Technology Tutorials and Workshops at INFORMS in October 2019.
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Learning Resources for Decision Optimization using IBM CPLEX

IBM's Sumeet Parashar on 'Medium'
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Version 12.9 of IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio

The latest version IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio is now available as a trial version and or via IBM's programs for commercial users and academics.
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New Version of ODH|CPLEX available with AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform
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Optimization Direct Webinar

Introduction to Prescriptive Analytics:
Solving Real-World Optimization Problems using IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization
April 9th | 2:00 pm EDT Information | Slides | Watch the Webinar recording

Optimization Direct at INFORMS 2019, Austin, TX

Optimization will be hosting Technology Tutorials and Workshops at INFORMS in April 2019. Slides now available

Latest optimization technology at optimal pricing

Upgrade to the latest version of ODH|CPLEX today.
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Optimization Direct at INFORMS, Phoenix, AZ

Optimization will be hosting Technology Tutorials and Workshops at INFORMS in November. Slides now available.

Optimization Direct Advert in 'Analytics' Magazine

Complete magazine available online.
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Constraints Journal article: IBM ILOG CP optimizer for scheduling

Article covers scheduling applications, modelling concepts, model examples, model development tools, principles of the automated search and performance results.
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ODH is on the IBM marketplace

ODH Heuristics Studio and Optimization Direct are now on the IBM Marketplace.

ODH|CPLEX is now included in GAMS

Agreement with GAMS Development Inc. to include ODH|CPLEX, in the General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS).
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Clémerin and Optimization Direct partner to promote artificial intelligence business solutions

Partnership to promote artificial intelligence business solutions built on top of IBM SPSS Software, IBM Watson Studio & Data Science Experience, and IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio.
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ODH|CPLEX New version

New version of ODH|CPLEX has significant performance enhancements and new Python Interface for Data Scientists
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Why OPL is important for modelling

Robert Ashford, of Optimization Direct and Alex Fleischer of IBM on OPL, CPLEX and the CP optimizer
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Optimization Direct at INFORMS, Baltimore 15-17 April, 2018

We will be holding a technology workshop at INFORMS 2018

Next generation Optimization with ODH

Robert Ashford, co-founder of Optimization Direct, on the background of ODH
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There is more than Mathematical Programming in IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio

Philippe Laborie, Principal Scientist, IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio at IBM discusses Constraint Programming and the CP Optimizer.
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Optimization Direct at INFORMS Business Analytics Conference, Baltimore, April 15-17

Optimization will be at INFORMS, Baltimore on Booth #27.
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Banque de France optimizes settlement and delivery of securities in Europe

Banque de France uses IBM CPLEX solutions to process hundreds of thousands of securities transactions quickly and securely.
IBM Case Study

AIMMS to add ODH|CPLEX to their Prescriptive Analytics Platform

Agreement with AIMMS to include their product, ODH|CPLEX, in the AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform.
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Transcriptic Chooses CPLEX Constraint Programming For Robotic Cloud Lab Scheduling System

Transcriptic, creator of the world’s first robotic cloud laboratory, has selected ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio.
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Optimization Direct recognized as key business partner of IBM in prescriptive analytics

Continuing our business partnership with IBM, our ODH|CPLEX Optimizer is recognized as a key partner solution on a new website just launched.
To learn more about IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio, please visit the new website and download the new free trial IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio

FleetPride Keeps the wheels of commerce turning with seamless supply chain management

FleetPride is transforming its supply chain management with analytics, helping to ensure customers get the parts they need, when they need them.
IBM Case Study

Monsanto's CIO Develops Data Science Platform Of The Future

Deriving insights from vast pools of data to inform company strategy - using R/Sparklyr, Python/PySpark, OR/OPL/CPLEX, and Java/Scala
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University of Washington Reduces its Environmental Impact of Forest Roads

Find out how Universtity of Washington used IBM’s CPLEX Optimization Studio to gain greener, more cost-efficient management of forest resources
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Optimizing Military Logistics at West Point Military Academy

Find out how West Point optimized logistics and gained new insight into operations using IBM's CPLEX Optimization Studio
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IBM’s CPLEX Optimization Studio used to optimize shipping and order international operations in Italy

Find out how La Perla gained more control of planning and shipping
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What’s new in CPLEX Optimization Studio 12.8

CPLEX Optimization Studio 12.8 was just officially announced!
IBM Decision Optimization site

Optimization Direct at INFORMS Annual Meeting, Houston, October 2017

Optimization Direct's technology workshop at INFORMS 2017

/ Alkis Vazacopoulos: An introduction to Datascience Experience [Slides]
/ Sumeet Parashar, IBM: Decision Optimization (CPLEX) in DSX using Python Notebooks - An introductory example [Slides]
/ Ed Klotz, IBM: Automatic Benders Decomposition in CPLEX [Slides]
/ Robert Ashford: Recent benchmarking results with ODh+CPLEX [Slides]

Optimization Direct at INFORMS, Las Vegas 2-4 April, 2017

Slide presentations from INFORMS 2017
Alkis Vazacopoulos |  Robert Ashford |  Tutorial |  Yianni Gamvros

ODHeuristics for Massive MIP Models

Optimization Direct have combined the new algorithm with CPLEX in the ODH-CPLEX Optimiser specifically to find solutions massive MIP models of the big data era
Press Release (pdf)

Optimization Direct at INFORMS, Las Vegas 2-4 April, 2017

Optimization Direct will be holding a technology workshop at INFORMS 2017

Optimization Direct's Dr. Robert Ashford at IBM's VUG

Optimization Direct's Dr. Robert Ashford presented at IBM's Decision Optimization Virtual User Group Meetings on February 22nd 2017
Agenda  |  Slides

Optimization Direct will present at INFORMS November 2016

Optimization Direct's Alkis Vazacopoulos and Robert Ashford will be running a pre-conference workshop

Optimization Direct at World of Watson 2016

Optimization Direct's Alkis Vazacopoulos gave a presentation 'Growing your business by expanding from SPSS to include Decision Optimization'

Optimization Direct at IBM Vision 2016

Optimization Direct's Alkis Vazacopoulos will be speaking at IBM Vision 2016

Optimization Direct at Informs 2016

Pre-conference workshop and a presentation

Now you can switch off impossible

Optimization Direct announce ODHeuristics
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