. IBM Decision Optimization Center

IBM Decision Optimization Center

Make Confident Decisions at Speed

Decision Optimization Center is an optimization platform to create, deploy and maintain fully scalable decision support solutions, quickly, easily and efficiently. It features an optimization server, a data service and a scenario service all on an easily configurable web front end.

Make practical, smart and shareable decisions

Turn insights from data into business action using prescriptive analytics capabilities. Pre-test your decisions powerful what-if analysis capabilities Share scenarios based on unified and consistent data. Easily visualize outcomes using views like pivot tables and Gantt charts.

Simplify decisions with CPLEX solvers

Use enterprise-class optimization solvers that deliver powerful performance for timely decision-support. CPLEX Optimizer delivers the speed and reliability to discover optimal solutions for your planning, scheduling and resource allocation challenges.

Modern web UI

Combine ready-to-use components for quickly enhancing applications. Built-in visualization features through UI components for decision-support applications. Configure sophisticated charts and graphs using pre-built templates. Create synchronized dashboards combining an exhaustive set of ready-to-use components.

Deploy anywhere

Quickly move from proof-of-concept to production with multiple deployment options - on the cloud or on-premises..

The DOC is a modular scaleable architecture based on state of the art technology

Web Frontend service

Easily configurable front end interface with optional custom components and configurable user access roles

Scenario service

Manage a range of scenarios. The API allows you to easily manage creation and duplication of workspaces and scenarios.

Data service

Manage data in a relational database with an API to describe database parameters, create and update rows as well map the data.

Optimization Server

Manage, monitor and run multiple CPU-intensive optimization jobs locally or remotely.

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The Decision Optimization Center is based on the power of IBM’s CPLEX and is co-developed with DecisionBrain. Optimization Direct are licensed distributors of IBM’s optimization products providing unsurpassed expertise and access to optimization software, service and expertise in the industry.

Get Confident Decisions – faster.

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